Year: 2018

Artificial Intelligence Biblical Doctrine Hegelian Dialectic Transhumansim

And They Were All in One Accord

( Title of this post is taken from ACTS 2 ) “What does it mean to have a million- fold advance in intelligence or a million-fold increase in cognitive memory? …The future of social  media connectedness will be our cerebral cortex connected to the cloud. That future is less than five years away.” – Peter […]

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Biblical Doctrine Hegelian Dialectic Transhumansim

What Was Shall Be: The Days of Noah

“The one thing that differentiates the days of Noah from any other time in history is the mixing of seed, resulting in the creation of hybrids.” ― Rob Skiba, Archon Invasion: The Rise, Fall and Return of the Nephilim   Genesis 6 tells us of the days of Noah prior to the flood (because Noah also lived […]

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Lovecraft's Old Great Ones
Artificial Intelligence Biblical Doctrine Quantum (Mandela) Effect Transhumansim

A Demonic Divination Device for Every Home

“Quantum computing and AI … is the return of the GREAT OLD ONES… They’re not evil, they simply regard us in much the same way we (dis) regard an ant. They just don’t give a (*expletive*) about us” – Dr. Geordie Rose of D-Wave quantum computers and KINDRED.AI Here is a recent conversation about “Demonic […]

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Artificial Intelligence Biblical Doctrine Flat Earth Hegelian Dialectic Quantum (Mandela) Effect

The Lying Wonders of Hacking Reality

DISCLAIMER: I have left the original text of this writing and other references to MANDELA EFFECT and/or QUANTUM EFFECT – intact. I have left it in this manner, even the statements that we KNOW are erroneous – to demonstrate the process that has been gone through to come to our current understandings.  It is now […]

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Aliens From Space Artificial Intelligence Biblical Doctrine False Flag Events Flat Earth Hegelian Dialectic Quantum (Mandela) Effect Transhumansim

Hard to Find Resources

Hard to Find Resources: Esoteric Teachings | Rare Lesser-Known Scriptures Based on Scripture | Transhuman Teachings | Historic Writings | Occult Understandings and Writings   This is a list – not at all comprehensive – that links to published works that are terrific resources and sometimes hard to find: The Book of Enoch has remained […]

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Artificial Intelligence Biblical Doctrine Transhumansim

Voices in Your Head

“Emotiv headgear allows you to do things such as make a toy car whiz by or help a quadriplegic mix music like a DJ using just their brain power. The device relays your signals though a brain-computer interface to detect emotions, interests and a slew of other things.” – Sarah Buhr, Emotiv Engineer.   (editor […]

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Biblical Doctrine False Flag Events GeoEngineering - Climate Control Quantum (Mandela) Effect Transhumansim

Summer is Near

“The scriptures have much to say about those who will see or not see and those who will hear and not hear…    If you say “I know Jesus – I am saved…” You still do not understand. If you think that I am speaking “boastful, pompous words”, then again, you still do not understand.  You […]

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Biblical Doctrine Hegelian Dialectic Transhumansim

The Next (pig) BIG Thing

“We’re not trying to make a chimera just because we want to see some kind of monstrous creature; we’re doing this for a biomedical purpose.” – Dr. Pablo Ross, Reproductive Biologist at U.C. Davis Here is the link to a YOUTUBE playlist  and the original published newspaper column – The Next pig BIG Thing  in […]

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Memorial to a True Friend

“A true friend knows all about you and loves you anyhow.”    Author Unknown Being a member of a household with many kids was always a comfort to me, growing up. I was the oldest of four siblings, and later five siblings, when at seventeen years old, my baby brother Lil’ Mac was born. We […]

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