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Welcome to the RESOURCES PAGE for my new up-and-coming book

If you are here, you’ve likely purchased the book: “The Coming Flood of AI: The Rise of the Nephilim Spirits” – If you have not yet purchased a copy, you can order the book from Amazon Publishing after March of 2023:

You can also preview sections of the book:

  • Prologue – This writing contains “new wine.” It is not my intention to hurt you – “the wineskin.”
  • Chapter 1In the Beginning
  • Chapter 2 – Cosmic, Cataclysmic Change Events

You will find the reference links, resources and media assets – on this page. Links to download these media assets are listed at the bottom of this page.

We will find a continuous flow of errant teaching on foundational doctrine which ends in misguided eschatology. Most of the error is commonly the result of Pastors and Teachers (and the seminaries that they attended) looking at scripture from an understanding that was “in vogue” about 100 years ago. Most of the eschatological understanding of men like Scofield and , while having a solid grasp of sound Biblical doctrine – were blindly making predictions concerning things that they would never see in their lifetime. Holy Spirit – was not going to open those understandings up until it was time for us to understand. Men of God from the 1800s NEVER IMAGINED seeing what we have and experience in our midst today (circa 2023)! We should remain mindful that we are taught plainly that it’s NOT flesh and blood we war against… Daniel 2, Genesis 6, Genesis 19

As we approach the end of the end-of-days, Holy Spirit is opening up the scriptures to a new level of deeper understanding, to a new generation of believers that are unencumbered by denominational precepts because they have remained – in essence – unchurched. Biblical Prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes – but the “established corporate church” is generally unwilling to get denominational barriers and tradition and “pre-conceived notions” out of the way of what the Spirit is doing.

Instead of hindering and discouraging – this is an opportunity for the elder saints of God to provide guidance in humility and holiness. While this new generation of “seers” are prophesying great truths that are presented by the Spirit of the Living God – this generation needs the wisdom that comes from having walked the walk-of-faith. It is up to the elders to teach by demonstrating DISCERNMENT that comes from having practiced discernment (Hebrews 5:14). These are exciting times! But they are also precarious times –

Do understand – I’m not trying to state that we should throw “holiness out” of the body of Christ Jesus. NOT AT ALL! “You should be holy because I AM HOLY” says God Most High. And we don’t have to look far for a people who have injected the world’s carnality into the faith – and called it “love”, acceptance and tolerance. This is why those of us who are older, experienced saints who “see” – need to help guide this newer generation of the faithful – because they haven’t yet developed the ability to discern GOOD from EVIL.

But solid food is for those who are full grown, who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern good and evil.”

(Hebrews 5:14)

PROLOGUE Resources:

  • Hebrew 4 Christians (website – good resource for Hebrew language and cultural information )
  • Blue Letter Bible (website – concordance and study tools)
A little more information on the understanding of the error of SONS OF SETH doctrine

Chapter 1 resources:

Chapter 2 resources:

D-WAVE Quantum Computing Artificial Intelligence Is Here – Revisiting the past: 2015

A D-Wave 2X quantum computer is pictured during a media tour of the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (QuAIL) at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, December 8, 2015 –

D-Wave upgrade: How scientists are using the world’s most controversial quantum computer


RADICALLY - a Christian, Constitutional, Conservative who is married with children. When I became a Christian, I had no clue what God had in store for me. I once prayed that God would show me "the secret things" - Holy Spirit very soon after showed me the coming "alien deception" - and the proverbial levy broke! - This website demonstrates a small portion of what a life spent listening to the still small voice of Holy Spirit - has opened my eyes to. I am a professional, award-winning musician, composer and a leader in technology - having worked for 12 years at NASA. I also paint and draw, build things like chicken coops and arbors - and believe that a man who doesn't know how to fix anything or has no "handy-man skills" is going to be in BIG trouble in the coming years.

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