Month: May 2017

Biblical Doctrine Quantum (Mandela) Effect


I posted this last year – when I had just heard that ISAIAH 11:6 was changed (Lion = wolf)  —- I wasn’t going to waste any time making sure that everyone I knew – that would care – were informed!!!!  this is what I had posted:   EVERYONE PLEASE READ THESE WORDS — and PLEASE […]

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Biblical Doctrine Hegelian Dialectic

It is NOT the Shekinah Glory –

It drives me nuts when I hear a pastor teach about “the SHEKINAH GLORY” — shekinah is a feminine attribute — usually attributed to THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN —-   This is why I many times remind myself to call “the Holy Spirit” simply – HOLY SPIRIT. His name and His “function” — YHVH […]

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Biblical Doctrine Flat Earth True Doctrine

You Want the TRUTH? Can you Handle the TRUTH?

Do you REALLY WANT THE TRUTH? Even if it means that you may have many things that you have always believed – challenged?  Can you receive new information with an open, unbiased mind?    I am not asking you to turn off your mind and to turn-off all reason. On the contrary -THIS WILL REQUIRE […]

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Artificial Intelligence Biblical Doctrine Quantum (Mandela) Effect Transhumansim

Freakiest Geekiest: The Quantum Effect and Scripture Changes

“For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book”      Revelation 22:18 KJV   THIS IS A POST TAKEN FROM AN ITERATION OF MY NEWSPAPER COLUMN – originally published in August of 2016 […]

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PLEASE READ THIS WITHOUT A “FLIPPANT TONE” or “COCKINESS” -If you knew me – you would understand that THAT is not my nature. This post is taken from a response to a newbie member of a FLAT EARTH GROUP ON FACEBOOK. I am seeing that a bunch of HELIOCENTRIC , brain-washed people who are parroting […]

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Artificial Intelligence Hegelian Dialectic Quantum (Mandela) Effect


If you are on this blog – it probably comes as no surprise to you  that every aspect of our lives in this “crazy – upside down and backwards world” – is being sifted through. Analyzed as it were. It is not a big room full of humans that are monitoring us – don’t be […]

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Artificial Intelligence Biblical Doctrine Transhumansim

The Genesis 6 Experiment –

“I was born a human but this was an accident of fate… since childhood I’ve been captivated by the study of robots and cyborgs. Now I’m in a position where I can actually become one.” – Kevin Warwick – Cyborg 1.0 ( Not too long ago I did a piece that demonstrated how the theory of […]

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Artificial Intelligence False Flag Events Hegelian Dialectic Technology and Tips Transhumansim

It’s Not Your Grandfather’s World Wide Web

This was a newspaper piece published back in September of 2015. It is still quite applicable. The information presented may actually be MORE PRESSING today in May 2017 – than back then – because so much of what I wrote is coming to fruition now.  Here is the PDF of the column It’s Not Your Grandfather’sWorld […]

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Aliens From Space Flat Earth

In the Beginning – FLAT EARTH

This is just a quick posting of some recent (re) discovery of published works over centuries past – that prove that the GEOCENTRIC/HELIOCENTRIC debate NEVER ended. In or around 1931 a scientist by the name of Auguste Piccard (yes – a French-man) was the FIRST MAN to go into the stratosphere – in essence making […]

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