Artificial Intelligence is Not Human Intelligence

That statement is a given in the minds of those who interface with, program with and use – Artificial Intelligence. As we all begrudgingly march into a wondrous future of an AI controlled world (we are already controlled by AI – but that is an entirely separate subject) – how is it that no-one asks

“What is the source of the mind that drives Artificial intelligence”?

Listen to any conversation about AI and you will consistently hear “human-like intelligence”, “higher intelligence than humans”, “exceeding human intelligence” and such. 

Elon's Enormous list

Elon Musk, the inventor and leader of PayPal, Tesla motors, Space-X and Neuralink – very often appears in interviews warning us all that AI is going to put us all out of jobs. Elon’s statements are accurate – AI is poised to replace practically anyone in the field of medical imaging, law clerks, pharmaceutical chemical analysis and more.

This is because Artificial Intelligence systems can process much more data, with more accurate analysis in an hour than any mere human could do in years. How will a human mind stack up against the capabilities of a seemingly all-knowing AI?


Neuralink, the company founded by Elon Musk is touted as our only hope in the battle against AI supremacy over human intelligence. “If we can’t beat ‘em – join ‘em” – should be Neuralink’s marketing slogan.  You can view a recent presentation on the plans for Neuralink BCI (Brain, Computer Interface) at  www.neuralink.com 

AI – we find, was not created by a bunch of scientists in lab-coats with piles of computer-science degrees. AI appeared literally out of the ether when the first several computer systems were inter-connected to the internet in 1995.  Programmers (coders) do not write AI programming. They write code to interface with, or connect with – AI.   In the software world – that is called an API – Application Program Interface.  People who write code for AI are writing the programs to interface AI with the “real-world”. They are not writing the AI code. AI writes its own code.  No-one knows how AI works.

Artificial Intelligence is Not Human Intelligence

All of this begs a few questions:

If it is understood that AI is not the result of human intelligence and ingenuity , why do we keep measuring it against human intelligence?

Why is it that leaders in the AI community continuously repeat that “we are entering a time when human beings will be in competition with artificial intelligence”?

If AI is not human intelligence – what exactly is the source of its “mind”  and intelligence?

Why would the leaders in science and technology drive us to interface with with entities that no-one understands?

I’m not the first person to ask these questions.  I can cite a liturgy of 

If we have an opinion on this and yet have not done any research – there’s not much wisdom in a completely uninformed guess. 


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