Month: November 2019

Artificial Intelligence Hegelian Dialectic Transhumansim

Artificial Intelligence is Not Human Intelligence

That statement is a given in the minds of those who interface with, program with and use – Artificial Intelligence. As we all begrudgingly march into a wondrous future of an AI controlled world (we are already controlled by AI – but that is an entirely separate subject) – how is it that no-one asks […]

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Biblical Doctrine Chemtrails Flat Earth GeoEngineering - Climate Control Hegelian Dialectic

Solar Geoengineering and the Land of Fire

This entry is directly copied from an attachment and email from Paul Zeitzman – I have added video material(s) and additional information that support his writing To better understand what you are about to read – a few terms need to be clearly defined: ther·mo·dy·nam·ics/ˌTHərmōdīˈnamiks/ noun Another agenda behind solar geo-engineering – Paul Zeitzman writes: […]

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