Month: November 2017

Artificial Intelligence - AI, AGI - Artificial General Intelligence and ARTILECT BITCOIN and Crypto-Currency Hegelian Dialectic Quantum (Mandela) Effect

We’re About to get Bitten by BITCOIN

 “A.I. writes its own code… No one understands how it works…. No one in the entire world can hack into the chat room where AI talks to other AI in private.” – Quinn Michaels of    (Here is a link to a PDF of the newspaper published column)             […]

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This is for the Doubters and Naysayers…

My former boss and dear friend, “NASAMike” and I at Discovery Station marker – McMurdo Station, Antarctica – Below are some images from some of my work during my tenure at NASA.   For those who have questions concerning my “credentials”— I AM POSTING A NUMBER OF PROJECTS THAT I WORKED ON DURING MY TENURE […]

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Artificial Intelligence Hegelian Dialectic

Upgrading the Human Computer

  “Augmentation is about looking to the future. Technology is rapidly redefining human existence. The question isn’t should we or shouldn’t we (augment), because it’s absolutely going to happen. Pacemakers, bionic limbs and implantable chips are the new norm. Augmentation is a basic human right.” –   Here is the link to the original newspaper […]

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