Black-White, Left-Right

A response to a post questioning the problems with Republicans vs. Democrats:

no offense man – but we need to get our heads/minds out of the left/right – republican/democrat — US and THEM – mentality —- The Russian government and US government and Chinese and Mexican and Canadian — on and on — are ALL PART OF THE SAME CLUB. there are no national divisions – except that most people believe that there are. and they let us – so we all fight and argue about things that don’t matter. How could the US give away “our plutonium” to Russia???? – because we are actually in the same world government. we NEED TO WAKE UP TO THE TRUTH — THOSE OF US who are awake – should not be still mired down in black/white – left/right – arguments. we should be WAY BEYOND THAT. Where I live – the people all lost their mill jobs – when the jobs moved to South America – Brazil and what-not. People could not understand why our national leaders would take OUR JOBS and give them to foreigners ???? – BECAUSE THE JOBS DIDN’T GO TO FOREIGNERS! — we are not a sovereign nation any longer folks! PLEASE open your eyes and your minds – to the truth.

We have to keep in mind also – the way “law” works in the courtrooms and halls of “justice” – in our world. You see – many of us believe that the law is designed to arrive at “the truth”. It is not. If you are in a court of law – and you ask a question of the Judge – that is not properly formatted – the response in said court of law is only required to be an answer that falls in line with said questioning. it does not matter if everyone in the room KNOWS that the line of questioning has – in actuality – nothing to do with getting at the truth. (I may not be making any sense…) – I have been saying – for some time now – that – the way we get correct answers is to ask THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. and in our courts and offices of leadership in our nations – the questions also have to be properly formatted – or else they do not apply. What does this have to do with anything stated in this post ?(above) ???? Because the leaders, judges, rulers – of this world – will allow us all to argue points that THEY ARE AWARE have no actual bearing on what is actually being done in the world. THEY ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO TELL US ANY ANSWERS TO ANYTHING other then what we are asking/ inquiring of. By that – they are – in their minds – STILL MEETING THEIR PROMISE TO SERVE THE PEOPLE! in their minds – they are properly governing. So – they make sure that we are kept in the dark in every aspect of life – so that the masses NEVER ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Because if we did – THEY WOULD BE OBLIGED TO ANSWER — believe it or not – they actually have “rules of operation” – ANOTHER EXAMPLE: MONEY —- Many talk of paying down the national debt — How things like that would “fix the economy” — so – I ask – HOW DO YOU PAY OFF DEBT with money that is created by DEBT? Are you aware that every dollar that you earn – IS A LOAN? It is a debt/promissory note — it is NOT MONEY! Do you understand where the money actually comes from? what it is “backed by”? — Most of us have no clue what the American Dollar actually is – and how it is created – and we make sweeping statements about how we can fix the economy – and the POWERS THAT BE let us spin in circles – arguing with misinformation.


RADICALLY - a Christian, Constitutional, Conservative who is married with children. When I became a Christian, I had no clue what God had in store for me. I once prayed that God would show me "the secret things" - Holy Spirit very soon after showed me the coming "alien deception" - and the proverbial levy broke! - This website demonstrates a small portion of what a life spent listening to the still small voice of Holy Spirit - has opened my eyes to. I am a professional, award-winning musician, composer and a leader in technology - having worked for 12 years at NASA. I also paint and draw, build things like chicken coops and arbors - and believe that a man who doesn't know how to fix anything or has no "handy-man skills" is going to be in BIG trouble in the coming years.

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