Ways to Prove the Earth is a Globe

… yeah, good luck with that.” (The statement that I usually here whenever I tell someone “the earth is flat and immovable”)

I am many times “perturbed” when a member of a closed group challenges the ideals of the group they have joined. One such group or type of group is a Facebook group called “Official Flat-Earth and Globe Discussion” – there are others, such as “Biblical Cosmology” groups, Mandela Effect groups and such. The questions have always intrigued me – in that they are the same questions and “attack/insults” that those of us in these groups have already heard and rebutted for years! But the one questioning or attacking what we have come to know – believes themselves to have “trumped” our thinking and will most certainly turn us all around from our blaspheme of the religion of Scientism. Here’s one such example – that lists the usual statements against the idea of a flat, enclosed and IMMOVABLE world – which is the reality of which we live.

The Globe Earth fallacy
We have been conditioned to picture this whenever someone mentions the word – “earth” – This is one of the greatest deceptions ever put upon the minds of mankind.

Read the page for yourself and test to see if you can find the multitude of flaws in their mind-controlled thinking: “7 Ways to prove the earth is round”

This is a chart that demonstrates the curvature of our world – according to what the world’s scientific leaders tell us. Click the image to see it full screen.
A Biblical (Creation) account and Copernican Cosmology have absolutely nothing in common – yet most Christians continue to believe what man says instead of what God says. Imagine that…