The 2020 “Star of Bethlehem”

There was a Saturnalia miracle in December of 2020 – the “Christmas star” was the talk-of-the-town as the reason for the season. Never mind that the actual star that guided the wisemen to Bethlehem and the child that would be the King of Kings and LORD of Lords – was an entirely different set of celestial bodies – many would still be aflutter over the possibility that they could see the star of Jesus during His supposed birthday – and a part of the 2020 Christmas celebration.

These are two images of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of December 21st 2020. Examine the photos/images. They are true pictures – with additional information “stamped” on them. But what do you notice that is wrong with them? Allow me to ask y’all to put your thinking caps on…

We are told by the white-coated high-priests of SCIENTISM – that Jupiter is 5.924244 AUs (Astronomical Units = distance of the Earth from the Sun, according to scientism) That amounts to approximately 551.48 Million miles! 551,480,000 -Saturn is 10.829181 AUs – equaling OVER ONE BILLION miles! 1,018,020,000

The two planets differ in distance by about 500,000,000 miles, give or take a few million miles. Again – this is according to the high-priests of SCIENTISM. So that no-one thinks to say “I’m making this up” – I’m adding a few links to sources:

Space.com link to Jupiter information:


Universe Today – Saturn information:

Solar-System on NASA.gov


How is it that two objects that are 100’s of MILLIONS OF MILES APART are equally focused in our cameras – and are perceived as the same size with the naked eye?

How can they have the same detail present in an image? (this is assuming that the image is not a combination of two separate images/objects)If you ask me – it seems unlikely that even two objects a few miles apart in distance – would be within the same focal length of a lens system. One object would be highly in focus and the other completely blurred – depending on which distance/object you are focusing on.

REMEMBER – these objects are “converging” (so we’re told) – but they are not side-by-side. They are of GREAT DISTANCE from each other in a line-up fashion. To have both objects in focus on someone’s cell-phone (for example) would be IMPOSSIBLE. This to me reveals that both objects are approximately the same distance from ground level. According to BIBLICAL COSMOLOGY – they are in the firmament. and although the Bible does not give us detail of how far up that is – recent peer-reviewed studies have approximated the distance to be between 3000-10,000 miles.Which is also about where we are told the VAN ALLEN RADIATION BELTS are located.

A wonderful sister-in-christ – just added this: Sarah Rebekah … interesting why if they are so far apart – and according to their size, how this could be?Do y’all understand what she’s saying? How can two planetary bodies in the sky – be 200 Million miles apart and appear to be practically the same size? According to SCIENTISM – Jupiter is the largest planet and Saturn is a close second.

image taken by cellphone

Comments from Facebook and other sources – had many agreeing that something was not right…