Month: August 2017

Artificial Intelligence Hegelian Dialectic

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction: Can You Tell the Difference?

  This was published originally in 2012 (in my local newspaper)   but a recent piece by TRUTHSTREAM MEDIA – the husband/wife team who do terrific work exposing the deceptions of our world – compelled me to revisit the subject.   I am opening this piece with the original writings (maybe a few edits) and […]

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Aliens From Space Chemtrails False Flag Events GeoEngineering - Climate Control Hegelian Dialectic Quantum (Mandela) Effect Transhumansim

Short-List for things that YOU SHOULD KNOW in 2017

Some wait for the coming GREAT DECEPTION. There’s no need to wait.   We are all born into it.  The GREAT DECEPTION IS HERE ALREADY.    “I don’t see it.”  You may think? – isn’t that the whole point of deception? Before you scoff at ANYTHING posted here – DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH FIRST.   […]

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