The Lying Wonders of Hacking Reality

According to the greatest minds in modern-Theoretical Physics, time does not flow in a “past, present, future” sequence. The science of QUANTUM PHYSICS has now proven that all “real-time” is occurring (get this) “all at once”.  Quoted from the documentary, “Hacking Reality”

“Is this man of lawlessness really those of us who who did not LOVE THE TRUTH. It could be that in rejecting the truth, this man of lawlessness takes his seat in the TEMPLE of God.”   Quoted from Washington Jackson in regards to 2nd Thessalonians and our current quantum-digital, effected reality.

“To think of ETERNITY – as a long time – is a misnomer of sorts. Eternity is without time. Outside of time, as it were. The very concept and experience of “time” is a construct of this material realm. In the spiritual realms: The first heavens (where the demonic and angelic hosts reside) and particularly the HIGHEST HEAVEN, where the God of all creation resides – there is no time – only eternity. Spirit (eternal) beings can shift between past, present and future – because from an eternal perspective – all time is NOW.”  Jesusfreak computergeek – 


You may recall a piece that I did called “The Freakiest and Geekiest”  (August 12 2016 – Freakiest Geekiest-column only )- where I explained that our Bible scriptures have been changed – in particular the KJV Bible. These changes did not occur because of a newly published reprint, but were changes that occurred while our Bibles sat on a shelf in our homes. The changes were also “retro-active” – in that every Bible, no matter how old, has scripture changes in it:

quote from Christian Orthodox Priest

Quoted from a recent facebook post – Bishop William is a Christian Orthodox Priest who, while not fully knowledgeable about the Quantum(Mandela) Effect – he sees that something is amiss.


Scriptures that we have all known to read a certain way, with specific wording, our entire lives (they are written on our hearts), are now changed – and history now demonstrates that said scriptures have ALWAYS BEEN IN THE MANNER that they read now.

A few examples (*thousands have been noted) are the changes in Isaiah 11:6 that has always read: “the lion shall lay with the lamb..” now reads: “the wolf shall dwell also with the lamb…”

Isaiah 11:6 Residue

Click the image to watch MANY EXAMPLES of Isaiah 11:6 Residue










Genesis 1 always read: “In the beginning God created the HEAVENS and the earth” in the king James Bible, now reads “heaven” (singular, not plural).

The first book in the Bible, in the original Hebrew – is called by the first word in the book: Berasheet (transliteral spelling)





For a look at some of the changes – visit the IABHORCERN.ORG website. *DISCLAIMER* I have not personally vetted EVERY link and /or statement. And even if I had – there could still be differences in my experience and the website’s listings. That is how this QE/ME thing works.

Someone or something, somehow, went back into the past and changed things- But that is obviously CRAZY TALK! History cannot be changed! Right?” Millions of people have been experiencing these changes in almost every aspect of life on earth, for the past few years. “But that is impossible!” One might be inclined to say, “history, land masses and iconic movie lines cannot be changed by some maniacal being or process – and our Bibles most certainly cannot be changed”. (Click here to see a comprehensive list of some of the QUANTUM EFFECTS)

According to Quantum Mechanics, the world exists only as a cloud of simultaneous, overlapping possibilities—technically called a “superposition”—until an observation brings one of these possibilities into focus in the form of definite objects and events. This transition is technically called a “measurement.” One of the keys to our argument for a mental world is the contention that only conscious observers can perform measurements. (quoted from Scientific American – “Coming to Grips with the Implications of Quantum Mechanics”

Humor me and allow me to refer to a popular statement in modern day vernacular:

Do you want to take the BLUE PILL – or the RED PILL?

The scientific community and the teachings of modern physics now demonstrate (and have proven, according to “reputable science community sources”) that the universe and everything in it, is a dimensional subset of a higher dimension that has been dubbed, “E8”. E8 is described as an EIGHT DIMENSIONAL LATTICE that all other dimension are derived from, encoding all of the particles and forces of our 3 dimensional reality.

Imagine that you are holding a 1 foot square cube and you see its shadow on the ground. The shadow is a lesser 2D version of the 3D cube you are holding. E8 is the eight dimensional reality and that our universe is a “holographic projection” or shadow – of this higher dimensional realm. One important component of this supposed “HIGHER DIMENSIONAL projected reality” – is CONSCIOUSNESS.   The purveyors of the E8 theory tell us that “all matter contains self-aware consciousness” — This concept of consciousness in everything is called:  PANPSYCHISM

Panpsychism is the claim that consciousness is not just a property of the brain, and not a property of some special spiritual kind of substance like the soul, but rather a property of everything in the universe. Even a rock or a pebble or an atom has a little bit of consciousness in it.

You can watch a very well put-together, entertaining and easy-to-understand explanation on a video at this link:  (DISCLAIMER:  I do not promote this as scientific truths – I am only showing this to demonstrate the multitude of aspects of the deception(s) that are coming our way.)

The video makes extremely complex concepts like higher dimensions and other Quantum physics related science not only understandable but entertaining. If you want to understand this column, you would be well served to watch the video.

According to modern physics sciences, our realm is 3D while also including a 4th dimension, TIME, which is actually a shadow version of a higher 8 dimensional time. According to modern physics, the process of TIME is not constrained to only be “forward-linear”, sequential cause-and-effect experiences.
Our classic understanding of physics has always lead us to believe that “time” was linear: History and time in general was a collection of sequential events that could be summed up as “cause and effect”.  According to the latest breakthroughs in modern physics, classical ideals about time no longer apply and in fact, never have.

We are now told that “the future effects the past and vice-versa”. What you do in your old age (for example) affects what you experience when you are 5 years old – what you do in the future – impacts or can change altogether, the past!
According to the greatest minds of our day, time does not flow in a “past, present, future” sequence. The science of QUANTUM PHYSICS has now proven that all “real-time” is occurring (get this) “all at once”. The “past” is “now”, the “future” is “now” and the past can be changed by the present and/or the future. Our experience of time, like our 3 dimensional world – is a shadow of a higher dimensional reality.
…I can imagine that I’ve lost you now – WATCH THE HACKING REALITY VIDEO to better understand.

After receiving a recent comment from a brother-in-Christ regarding this column – I felt compelled to point out a well known story by the philosopher PLATO:  the Cave — if you are not familiar with the story, it is basically about a group of people who live in a cave. They spend all of their lives within the confines of this cave. On the walls of the cave are moving shadows of what looks like people – and the cave dwellers, after many years watching – begin to believe that the shadows are their gods and they begin to worship the shadows.  One day – it occurs to one of the cave dwellers to get closer to the source of the light that seems to cast the shadows on their world’s walls. He then finds himself “outside” the cave where he sees this amazing universe of sights and sounds and light!  He goes back into his cave world and tells all of the cave dwellers of his amazing “vision” — they of course – mock him and tell him that “this cannot be so…”  — He continues in his quest to tell all others of the cave dwellers about his amazing journey into the world of their gods. He is killed for his blasphemy. but I digress… back to the point of this column….


This isn’t a submission for a new sci-fi series. We are told by the world’s leaders in science that THIS IS REALITY – the new reality.   Which begs the question: “How did we come into this “new reality?”
This new reality has been created by the mingling of science, tech and demonic led spiritualism. Ever heard of CERN? I also wrote about CERN in a piece titled “We Should be conCERNed” a few years ago.
To refresh your memory, you can find that piece at:  http://jesusfreakcomputergeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/PAGE-1-of-2-We-Should-Be-conCERNed-June-12-2015.pdf

Page 2:  http://jesusfreakcomputergeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/PAGE-2-of-2-We-Should-Be-conCERNed-June-12-2015.pdf

and you can also have a look at “The Freakiest Geekiest” column:

Freakiest Geekiest – column dated August 2016

There is also a technology called QUANTUM COMPUTING – the most notable of such behemoth devices being “D-Wave

Visit the D-Wave website  and you will find that D-Wave is akin to a high-tech, modernized version of a OUJIA Board.   According to its creators – “D-Wave can pull resources from other dimensions” and standing next to a D-wave computer is like “standing next to an alter of an alien god” (I’m just telling you what THEY say).
I would encourage you to visit the sites, video links and other resources cited here. YOU SHOULD WANT TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM TELLING YOU ABOUT.

“Why?” – you might ask.

Because your children are most certainly aware of these happenings. In a casual conversation with my twelve year-old daughter and her fiends, I found out that our kids are aware of and discussing, these things. And since most parents have never heard of “the Mandela effect” they are unaware that their children are being told a lie – being DECEIVED as to the source(s) of the changes in our reality. They are going to be taught, or are already being taught in science education – that we live in a “multiverse – holographic projection”. This is MODERN SCIENCE and it is a literal, demonic, satanic – LIE.
Shouldn’t we expect such things anyhow? – It is written that there is coming soon, a GREAT DECEPTION and “if it were possible, even the elect might be fooled..” Are we not also told that “the end-times tribulation would be the greatest ever known or ever will be…”

Have any of us ever wondered what such times of great-deception and great-tribulation would look like?

2nd Thessalonians tells us “the coming of the lawless one will be according to the working of satan with all power, signs and LYING WONDERS…”  Have you ever wondered what that might look like?  Wonder no more…

A recent iteration of AMERICAN SCIENTIFIC details the issues of coming to grips with the implications of QUANTUM MECHANICS.

We are told by the SMITHSONIAN that the universe is a hologram:

USA Today – The Entire Universe is a Hologram:


There is another VERY IMPORTANT ASPECT of this latest addition to the SCIENTISTIC deception that includes a “multiverse, holographic world” and simulation theories of the religion of SCIENTISM:

Soon – we will see a public announcement that will bring Copernican cosmology to an end.  They are going to announce that we live in a flat, enclosed realm –  A FLAT EARTH – not a globe spinning on an axis in a vast vacuum of space.  But the truth of such a cosmological revelation will be awash in a deluge of lies. We will be told that “Yes, we do live on a flat earth, enclosed by a dome like structure, and that this world is a virtual realm that specially created by beings from another “higher dimension”. They will be presented as the creators of this ideal realm for us to all live in. They will in all likelihood present themselves as the saviors of mankind.

Those of us who KNOW that we live in a flat, enclosed world – need to be aware of the coming deception that will turn this all around, against us all.

This is from a brother-in-Christ, Washington Jackson – who has some thought-provoking insights into all this. (IRON sharpens iron…) He writes:

“OK this post may draw some debate, but my hope is that is spurns understanding and not division.  If we are unable to work through issues that impact the understanding of our faith we may have some unaddressed pride issues, and i say this to myself as well.

I posted this on comments in a YT video with Bill Bean and Pastor Shrum. I am sure many of you have seen it already and if not you should check it out.

The video is a debate between Bean and Shrum on the Bible Changes. At the end Shrum makes some comments as to why he doubts the ME changes, which I believe are very revelatory not just for him but for many Christians who cannot or refuse to see the changes.

You see, the problem has to do with that initial fear and trepidation of “If the Mandela effect happened, then X Y Z would occur and God would not allow that”..

This is a normal reaction that anyone confronted with the issue will do. There are some logical flaws as to how people justify their reasoning along this path, but that is probably beside my point right now. What is critical is what that rationalization process reveals in the heart.

Does it reveal that what you believe would happen (as well as the respective outcomes) is truth beyond all other considerations? If so that reveals PRIDE in the heart.

Does it reveal that what you believe would happen (as well as the respective outcomes) would challenge and perhaps possibly nullify your understanding of “blessed assurance” if the ME were true?

If so that reveals FEAR in the heart.

Does the realization of the ME happening and the impact on our Bibles create doubt because deep down you are unable to accept the possibility of being in a supernatural existence? Well that would put in question you fully understanding your faith, exemplifying a LACK OF FAITH.

There are other revelations that I could discuss, but at the root of this issue is both pride, fear, and a lack of understanding your faith among other fallacies. These are normal responses, but if not ascertained and dealt with in the working out of your salvation they become a form of iniquity. The Spirit of the Lord is not one of pride, fear, or of little faith. In fact His Spirit is the exact opposite, and we are privy to His Spirit dwelling in us when we have fully committed to accepting Him as Lord and Savior. It is mysterious if you consider the issue in this way. ie. How can followers of Christ still retain a spirit of iniquity in their hearts…

Is this the mystery of iniquity in 2 Thess which is already at work?

Does this reveal who the man of lawlessness really is?

Is the man of lawlessness really a description of those of us who REJECT by PRIDE, FEAR, and a LACK OF FAITH the full God and person of Jesus in our hearts who inscribed His Word on our heart.

Is this man of lawlessness really those of us who who did not LOVE THE TRUTH. It could be that in rejecting the truth…this man of lawlessness takes his seat in the TEMPLE of God.

However, we also know that WE are the Temple of the Holy Spirit..aka the Temple of GOD. SO if we put ourselves in that place while rejecting the truth we are in fact exalting OURSELVES in the TEMPLE of GOD…attempting to show ourselves as God or above him unfortunately…many may be doing this without fully realizing it…INDEED a mystery of iniquity.”

Jesusfreak computergeek


  1. So…I was born again in March 2017…The Lord has lead me down one WILD RIDE, and all praise, all glory is HIS, and I am FOREVER thankful HE has chosen me, especially for such a time as this…I have done hundreds if not over a thousand hours of Bible study this past year…It has been intense…However, just recently I have decided to just start reading the Bible, cover to cover, no commentary, I will be studying also, but at the same time, I just want to spend time every day, just reading the bible, cover to cover…So, I got through Genesis in about a week, and started in Exodus…The second day in Exodus, I came across Exodus 13…And discover in my bible, the word, “Matrix”…Now, I used to be a Sci-Fi junkie…Still a recovering addict, and also recovering from a NASA Fanboy addiction that began when I was 7 or 8 years old…So, that said, when I read the word “Matrix” in my bible just recently, I stopped in my tracks…Literally…I mental noted, next time I am at my computer, I am gonna do a little digging…Well…I forgot…Until this post came into my email…Which lead me here, and as SOON as I got here, it HIT me like a brick in the face…I am nearly done with the book of Exodus now, however, still had not yet done that little “MATRIX” search…So, as soon as I brought this page up, I could not even begin, until I did some digging…Now before I get into that search result, I will say this, in the past year, I TOO have come to find, there are a WHOLE TON of things that are changing all the time, from my past reality, to my present reality…I cannot explain this, and it has made LITTLE to NO sense…I too, subscribe to the theory, that CERN + D-Wave, and tapping into Quantum Reality, and so called “Other Dimensions” has completely altered our reality, somehow….Okay…First off…Looked up the word “Matrix”..It comes from the LATIN and is used in place of the word, “WOMB”…Okay, no problem, so I hop over to my favorite tool, my word search Bible, did a search for the word, “Matrix”…comes up 5 times in my KJV Bible…Okay…So then I did a search for the word, “WOMB”, and it comes up 71 TIMES…!!! Now that is when I stopped…When I replace the word “matrix” with the word “womb” that makes a WHOLE WORLD more sense…So…WHY IN THE HOLY HANNA is the word “matrix” in there at all…? Did a little more digging, and then I came across the mandela effect, and Bible changes, like Lion lays with the Lamb, which I had already did several hours of study and looking into…And you know something I find VERY VERY VERY ODD about Lion vs Wolf with the Lamb…? I thought I might get sneaky here, and try to bypass this whole mandela MADNESS, and started doing some VERY VERY OLD sermon searches, and you know what…? For some WEIRD REASON, I have yet to understand, EVERY stinking OLD SERMON from like 1800’s and up, is MISSING the verses where this would be found…!!! The sermons ALL just SKIP right over this verse…!!! Hmmm…Now that was TRICKY..!!! I have a lot more to say on all this, as these studies have taken me in A WHOLE TON of different directions, but for the moment I will say this…Lucifer has sought to make all sorts of changes, and if it were not for Christ / Yeshua shortening THESE DAY’S = ” And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” we would all be a in a world of hurt…Anyway…Not here to create my OWN post, just wanted to share a recent finding, that, literally, blew my mind…And it is right now, still, causing me to pause, and re-think, what is it I “think” I know vs what it is that I “KNOW” that I know…You “know” what I mean…?

    • Travis – would you be willing to send me some of the links and/or “finds” – that you come across regarding your statement: Did a little more digging, and then I came across the mandela effect, and Bible changes, like Lion lays with the Lamb, which I had already did several hours of study and looking into…And you know something I find VERY VERY VERY ODD about Lion vs Wolf with the Lamb…? I thought I might get sneaky here, and try to bypass this whole mandela MADNESS, and started doing some VERY VERY OLD sermon searches, and you know what…? For some WEIRD REASON, I have yet to understand, EVERY stinking OLD SERMON from like 1800’s and up, is MISSING the verses where this would be found…!!! The sermons ALL just SKIP right over this verse…!!! Hmmm…Now that was TRICKY..!!! ” —–

      This would be QUITE FASCINATING!
      by the way – I’M SO GLAD YOU GOT SAVED!

  2. ALSO – I do want to add this here…In my last year, have done a LOT of Bible studies, and being an old Cisco Certified Network Admin, I am pretty darn computer savvy…So, I do not, have not, subscribed to a “one” teacher fits all kind of program…I have learned from HUNDREDS of the “greatest” bible teachers throughout time, I mean, that is just ONE of the things I love about computers and networks, and the internet, you can, with a simple search, read a sermon, that was given over 500 years ago..!!! So, that said, in all my searches in this past year, I have come across a whole MULTITUDE of “Lion and Lamb” ministries…But you know how many “Wolf and Lamb” ministries I have come across…?
    NOT ONE…
    Not saying this is the END ALL to BE ALL or anything…
    But you hear what I AM saying…?
    NO ONE…Throughout ALL time and ages since Jesus walked the shores of Galilee, NOT ONE “Wolf and Lamb” ministry..??
    That should make EVEN the SKEPTIC stop RIGHT THERE and at the VERY LEAST, question a thing or two…
    Shouldn’t it…?

  3. Hey..So I just heard of a new city in the making…A WHOLE NEW WORLD ORDER CITY they are building in the desert of SAUDIA ARABIA…You will never guess what it is called…
    Give up…?
    as in NEO-M….And well oh well guess where it is within a STONES THROW of…?If you guessed a stones throw away from where our Lord and Savior brought the JEWS out of slavery form Egypt, you will have guessed RIGHT…So…We have the new world order city called NEO-M…And it is just down the road from where the Lord brought the Jews out of Egypt in one of the most referenced books in the Bible, EXODUS…And oh yeah…THE WORD MATRIX SUDDENLY APPEARS IN YOU GUESSED IT….EXODUS…Wow…But I am sure all this is just a coincidence…RIGHT…? You see how these sick evil Luciferians operate here…?

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